Pfizer announces the 2015 ASPIRE Hemophilia Research competitive research
grant program

As competition for research funding increases, the ASPIRE HEMOPHILIA program underscores Pfizer’s commitment to supporting investigators with an interest in advancing their academic research careers in Hemophilia A & B.


The mission of the ASPIRE Program is as follows.


Basic science and clinical research continue to advance our knowledge and understanding of Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B. However, the clinical applicability of these findings is not always apparent and correlative studies may not be readily available.

The ASPIRE HEMOPHILIA program is designed to support basic science and clinical research in Hemophilia pathogenesis, host response and clinical outcomes in Hemophilia A and Hemophilia as well as translation of the resulting knowledge to bridge the gap between bench and bedside.

It is hoped that the results will lead to a better understanding of disease mechanisms and treatment options to enhance the clinical care of patients with Hemophilia A or Hemophilia B

Areas of Focus: Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B

Pfizer will support competitive grant programs which address one of the following areas in Hemophilia A and/or Hemophilia B.

Available Awards

Application is open to US investigators. Selection of research proposals will be performed by an independent, external expert panel comprised of nationally known academic clinicians. Project duration should be 1-2 years and should be approximately $125,000/year, inclusive of overhead costs.