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How may the Regional ASPIRE Endocrinology Research funding be used?

How may the Regional ASPIRE Endocrinology Research funding be used?
Funds may be used to cover the awardees’ salary and fringe benefits, as well as other direct expenses incurred during the research project. Direct expenses may include the salary of technical associates; the purchase of relevant laboratory supplies; direct expenses necessary for proper conduct of research (e.g. subject-related costs, study-related personnel costs, diagnostic fees/services, data management expenses). Indirect costs may include and travel expenses to scientific meetings, software licensing fees, publication costs etc.

No other government, non-governmental, or industry-sponsored projects may cover the same work scope as the grant application to the Regional ASPIRE Programme. However, an ASPIRE Endocrine Research Programme grant may be related to other funding from foundations or government agencies, as long as there is no direct overlap. It is the responsibility of the applicant to justify the novelty of the proposal and provide evidence that the application does not overlap with any current or pending funding.

**Due to the competitive nature of these awards, Pfizer cannot provide any additional funding beyond what has been requested and approved by the external review panel. (top)

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