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ASPIRE EMRISTA | Eligibility

The following criteria must be met to be eligible for the EMRISTA program:

  • The principal investigator holds a MD, PhD, or PharmD.
  • The principal investigator and institution must be based in the one of the eligible countries.
  • All research must be conducted in accordance with regulatory, legal, and ethical guidelines, including posting on a clinical trial registry where appropriate. Pfizer assumes no responsibility for the conduct of the selected studies.
  • The principal investigator is not receiving or will not receive funding from another source for the submitted research proposal
  • The study must start within 6 months of contract execution and the duration of study treatment and follow-up should not exceed 2 years. 
  • All funded research should merit submission as abstract to scientific meetings and subsequent publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

No other government, non-governmental, or industry-sponsored projects may cover the same scope of work as the grant application to the EMRISTA Research Awards Program. However, an EMRISTA Research Award may be related to other funding from foundations or government agencies, as long as there is no direct overlap. In the application, it is the responsibility of the applicant to justify the novelty of the proposal and provide evidence that the application does not overlap with any current or pending funding.

Once awarded, an EMRISTA Research Award cannot be amended upwards with additional funding support from Pfizer (via the standard IIR process or separate competitive grant program), nor can additional drug support above and beyond what is sufficient to complete the original study as reviewed and approved by the External Review Committee be provided. If supplemental funding is required, it must be secured from sources outside of Pfizer. Similarly, an ongoing Pfizer supported standard IIR cannot apply for supplemental funding via a Pfizer-supported competitive grant program.

EMRISTA Research Awards cannot be provided to studies that are already in progress.