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ASPIRE Endocrinology Regional | Eligibility

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

Academic Eligibility

To be eligible for a regional Endocrine ASPIRE award, applicants must:

  • have a professional degree (MD, PhD, PharmD or equivalent)
  • reside in Europe, Australia or New Zealand

Investigators must be qualified to carry out the proposed investigation. Assessments of investigator qualification will be made on the basis of their commitment to research in this area, a dedicated faculty assignment and previous research and publication experience.

Note: Members of the 2017 External Review Committee are not eligible to apply or serve as mentors or collaborating investigators on applications from other investigators.

Research Requirements

Investigators are expected to:

  • Design studies and generate data to address one of the research areas of interest
  • Provide a Publication Plan to an accepted conference or qualified journal. All Publications must follow ICH guidelines.
  • Complete the study within 12 months from the time grant awarded

Criteria for Selection

The Endocrine Regional ASPIRE review committee will be comprised of an independent, external expert panel of established medical and scientific experts in endocrinology.

In their evaluation, the Committee members consider:

  • Scientific merit of the research proposal
  • Qualifications of the Applicant
  • Relevance of proposed research to the programme's mission
  • Evidence of the applicant's commitment to an academic research career
  • Evidence of a suitable research environment

Note: A preliminary review of submissions will be completed by Pfizer in order to ensure proposals are within the scope of research areas, and that there are no concerns with the proposed work from a patient safety or intellectual property perspective

Other Funding

No other government, non-governmental, or industry-sponsored projects may cover the same work scope as the grant application to the regional ASPIRE Programme. However, a regional ASPIRE Programme grant may be related to other funding from foundations or government agencies, as long as there is no direct overlap. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to justify the novelty of the proposal and provide evidence that the application does not overlap with any current or pending funding.

Once awarded, an ASPIRE grant cannot be amended upwards with additional funding support from Pfizer (via the standard IIR process or separate competitive grant program), beyond what is sufficient to complete the original study as reviewed and approved by the external review committee. If supplemental funding is required, it must be secured from sources outside of Pfizer. Similarly, an ongoing Pfizer supported standard IIR cannot apply for supplemental funding via a Pfizer supported competitive grant program. ASPIRE awards cannot be provided to studies that are already in progress.


You can email questions to: [email protected]